Professional Profile and Online Portfolio - Frank Krzyzewski, 2016

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I work well with concepts and theory, have strong hands on technical skills, and have a proven track record of deliverables. I function at a demonstrably high standard in any combination of the following areas: research, writing, analysis, project management, server and client side programming, database admin, W3 standards, system installation, admin, and configuration, user interface design, usability issues & testing, prototyping, conceptual and creative development, visual design, and music.

I am highly methodical and process oriented. When solving problems I use tools, aids, and models, apply first principles, conduct primary source research wherever possible, and apply hands on testing. I am highly adaptable to technical environments. I learn tools, protocols, controlled vocabularies, and standards quickly, and can become productive in your environment with a minimum of training and time.

In the field of Information Technology, I have strong technology and management skills in all aspects of the web and systems development lifecycle. From a management point of view I can analyze business, customer, and technical requirements; write proposals (RFP), budgets, continuity plans, and specifications; manage timelines, personnel, legal issues, and client expectations, among other deliverables. From a technical point of view I have hands on experience and deep technical knowledge in building multi-language, standards compliant, information systems and accessible web enabled applications.

As a Technology Analyst in the field of private and public securities, private placements, and investment banking, I have provided industry research, conducted competitive analyses, developed business and implementation plans, and written supporting investment materials for successful Private Placements and corporate financings on the TSX Venture Exchange.


BMath, University of Waterloo.

Security Clearance

Level II (Secret)

Business Analysis, Research & Writing

I have written many technical papers and created many presentation materials, graphics, and slides. I have many writing samples from a range of analysis, research, proposals, specifications, documentation, and presentations. Samples are not made available online to respect client confidentiality, however writing samples can be provided on a case by case basis.

Software Design and UI Design

Roles: Creator, analyst, R&D, UI designer, server and client side programming, testing, documentation, details
Nearvana Liveweb Construction Set Nearvana Toolbox Detailed Views
Nearvana Prototype Information Appliance Prototype

Cultural Web Projects

Roles: Project creator, wrote proposals & budget (>$1M), project manager (18 partners, >10 employees + contractors), artistic director, server and client side programming, testing, documentation, support, linux/solaris system admin, details
Sumnergroup Cultural Web Project Summary Native Drums Summary
Native Drums Games Native Dance Summary

Music and Art

I have studied music theory and piano practice for most of my life. I have an active piano repertoire of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, and Brahms. I have spent a good deal of time in the recording studio and have over 200 compositions and recordings. I have good theoretical knowledge and much practical experience in analog and digital sound synthesis, multitrack recording, and midi protocol. In recent years I have taken my visual aspirations from the digital domain to brush and canvas.

Live Online Projects

Live databases:

Art Website laid out using my proprietary web service, (Nearvana LWCS) :

Description of Nearvana Live Web Construction Set

Some completed web projects:

Instagram:  @franzzappuccino

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