About Nearvana Live Web Construction Set

The Nearvana Live Web Construction Set is a browser based webpage layout service. The Nearvana web authoring software consists of a browser based authoring program, a browser based playback program, and a browser based content management system with server side logic and database. The playback program consists of an asynchronous web asset loader, a dynamic layout engine, and interactivity functions. Website layouts and features are configured using the authoring interface, and the website configuration information is stored in the database. All client side components are browser based and require no downloads, plug-ins, or other licensed software. All server side components similarly are opensource and based on the LAMP software stack. Nearvana technologies are built to W3 interoperability and accessibility standards.

Why Nearvana was created

* requirements always change!

Nearvana Benefits

* save time and money by designing directly on the web, eliminate the cost and disappointment of the translation from gorgeous a photoshop sketch to underwhelming web graphics (wysiwyg)

* templates allow development and production to exist side by side in production environment, cutover from dev to prod is trivial, big time and effort saver

* infrastructure is all utf-8, support multiple character sets and languages even on the same page

* 100% customizable. Templates support independent dimensions for layout, language, background, graphics, screen width, text size, etc.

* no software install for authoring or playback, it's a web based service. Very small footprint, dynamic layout engine for playback is under 40 kilobytes

* grid layout is no longer your only option: layout on lines at any angle, bezier curves, ellipses, random, etc.

* graphics load in designer specified order, eliminates file size constraints

* end results are highly accessible and meet WCAG accessibility level A thru AAA and XHTML 1.0

* lowest cost and effort for end of lifetime data migration is assured thru compliance to W3 standards

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